Database Configuration

Bind Address

By default, API Umbrella’s bundled databases only accept connections from the same server. If you’re running multiple servers, you’ll need to adjust the bind address settings.

MongoDB Authentication

  1. Create a user account for API Umbrella:

    $ /opt/api-umbrella/embedded/bin/mongo --port 14001
    > use api_umbrella
    > db.createUser({
        user: "api_umbrella",
        pwd: "super_secret_password_here",
        roles: [
          { role: "readWrite", db: "api_umbrella" },
          { role: "dbAdmin", db: "api_umbrella" },
    > exit
  2. Enable authorization and add the login details to the mongodb.url setting (using the Connection String URI Format) inside the /etc/api-umbrella/api-umbrella.yml config file:

      url: "mongodb://api_umbrella:super_secret_password_here@"
          authorization: enabled
  3. Restart API Umbrella: sudo /etc/init.d/api-umbrella restart

External Database Usage

API Umbrella bundles the recommended database versions inside its package. Using other database versions is not supported, but should work. A few known notes about compatibility:

  • Elasticsearch 1

    • API Umbrella can be used with an Elasticsearch 1 instance by setting the following config option in /etc/api-umbrella/api-umbrella.yml:

         api_version: 1
  • Elasticsearch 5

    • API Umbrella is not yet compatible with Elasticsearch 5.